Below, we have answered 10 of our most frequently asked questions, if you still have a question for us, please see our 'Contact Us' page and feel free to get in touch with us

Q. How far do you travel?

A. We are happy to provide our services all across the UK, however we do add a travel cost to areas outside of        10 miles or a 20 minute drive from our base. Please see our 'Venue Suitability' Page for more information.

Q. How long do you need to set up?

A. Most of the time we only need 45 minutes, however this can vary on services booked or the venue, we will          let you know if we need more or less time when you book with us.

Q. Are all staff DBS Checked?

A. Yes, all of our staff hold up to date DBS checks and we can provide copies upon request.

Q. Do you hold insurance?

A. Yes, we hold valid and in date public liability insurance for all of our services.

Q. How much is the deposit/How do I pay for a party?

A. We don't accept deposits, our system can only take full payments. Our standard payment method is a                  secure Paypal link, however we can also accept bank transfers and cheques.

Q. Will I get the Prize Giveaway Show at my party?

A. We aim to provide our Prize Giveaway Show at all parties that include a disco (excluding our just music and      lights option). However under some circumstances we may not be able to provide our Prize Giveaway Show,      please see our terms and conditions for more information on this.

Q. Is there a limit to how many children I can invite?

A. We don't have a limit to the number of children we can entertain, we are happy to entertain everyone you            invite to the party.

Q. Do I have to supply the prizes?

A. We provide enough prizes to give out throughout the party (including our Prize Giveaway Show), however if        you'd like to bring some prizes for us to give out, you're more than welcome to.

Q. Can I have a party at my house?

A. All of our services can be provided in a house, however for some services we may need to take out                      temporary insurance and licenses to cover a home environment which could increase the cost of your                booking. 

Q. My child really wants to play a certain game/do a certain dance. is this possible?

A. Of course! We want to make sure your child has the best birthday party possible so anything they would or        wouldn't like to do, we can happily cater for.

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