Terms & Conditions



You MUST pay in full for your event (if there are any charges) at least 24 hours before your event.

You will only be pencilled in, not fully booked in until we have received the payment unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Payments must be made in full and we recommend using the secure link on your invoice (bank transfer and cheque are acceptable in some circumstances).

Unless paying via the secure link on your invoice, we cannot be held responsible if your payment is sent to the wrong account (someone else).

If paying via bank transfer, you MUST put the correct reference that we ask for so as we can find your payment and confirm it has reached our account and we can mark the booking as paid. failure to do this may result in us not being able to locate your payment and you may be required to send another payment.


Corporate, government and council events will not be held to the above terms, payment will be required either on the day or within 30 days after the event, however we will still accept payment beforehand if this is easier.



If you need to cancel your event for any reason, that’s not a problem. All you need to do is call us as soon as possible.

We do not give full refunds.

 Refunds are available under these circumstances:

Cancelling an event 30 or more days before: 75% refund

Cancelling an event 14 or more days before: 25% refund

Cancelling an event 13 or less days before : No refund will be given

If you book an outdoor event with us, the cancellation fees above are the same, however if your event is cancelled due to bad weather on the day we can only offer an 80% refund due to staffing costs.


          Venue Access

We will always need time before the event to set up, along with time after to pack down, this varies from event to event, however it is normally 45 minutes. If we need more or less time we will inform you when you book. It is your responsibility to arrange enough time for us to set up.

If we cannot have the time required, we cannot guarantee we will be set up on time. If this is the case, we will do our upmost to ensure we are set up on time.


          Allergies and Disabilities

All of our products that are given out, sold or used are purchased from separate manufacturers.

All products will have an ingredient list on them and if not, we will have one on hand.

If any attendees of your event have any allergies to foods or other products please notify us as soon as possible so we can adapt the products to suit the needs of every attendee at the event. Even if we are notified, we may still have a product that an attendee has an allergy to due to pre-setting our products for events; if we give this out, we cannot be held accountable for any reactions the attendee may have due to them as ingredient lists can be found on the sealed packaging or on request to a staff member.

Some of our services can affect disabilities, as an example our disco may have strobe lighting, this could affect epilepsy, while  we cannot 100% mitigate the strobing however, we can minimise it as much as possible if we are aware of an attendee with epilepsy being present. The same as above, if we are notified about ANY disabilities then we can work around it to minimise any risk to any attendees. Even if we are notified we cannot be held responsible for any issues raised with any disabilities at an event.


          Children's Entertainment

We provide some of the best children’s entertainment around and pride ourselves on this, however we cannot guarantee entertainment at all events. This could be due to a low number of children, children being shy and not wanting to join in or a number of other reasons. If we cannot provide our full entertainment show at your event, we will do as much as possible in the form of circus skills, parachute games, balloon modelling, etc.

The Giveaway Show is a fantastic part of what makes us unique! During this, we give away over 300 prizes (some small and some big). We include The Giveaway Show at all parties that book a disco (excluding our ‘Just music and lighting’ service) at no extra cost, however we cannot guarantee The Giveaway Show at all events. This could be for a number of reasons, some of which include, but is not limited to; not enough space at the venue, not enough children, children being too shy.

If The Giveaway Show doesn’t go ahead at your event, we will replace it by every child receiving a balloon model or punch balloon to go home with, the choice of which will be up to you.

We hold the right to cancel The Giveaway Show at your event at any time, prior to the event, at the event or during The Giveaway Show

          Risk Assessments

We always complete risk assessments on large (100 people min) and/or regular events. 

We will complete risk assessments for smaller events or one off events on request, however we may need to come to the venue to assess any risks that could be introduced for that venue, if we need to see the venue then this must be done a minimum of 14 days before the event.

If you would like a copy of our risk assessment for the services at your event please email us at jordan@jpentertainments.net 


          Bouncy Castles

If a castle is booked for an indoor event, it is your responsibility to check there will be enough space at the venue (both floor space and height). If the castle doesn't fit then we will be unable to use it at your event and a refund may not be given. Please see our venue recommendations for more information on weather a castle will fit.

Sometimes our Bouncy Castles will be placed outside, if you book any of our bouncy castle then you will be held to the following terms.

Due to our insurance, if the weather is either to wet, rainy or windy the bouncy castle may not be able to be put up, if this is the case your booking for the bouncy castle will be classed as cancelled, you will receive 80% of the cost of your booking for the bouncy castle back. 


At some events we may take photos and or videos, by booking with us you are allowing us to take photos at your event for business and promotional use. If you would prefer us to not take photos then you MUST tell us. While at your event we will always notify people that we are taking photos just in case there are people who do not wish to be photographed.

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